It is a subject that will cause some controversy; the relationship that was revealed between the Queen's uncle, Edward VIII and the Nazi Party. What is most worrying is that it was a two-way friendship. After performing the Nazi salute during a visit to Germany, there is a more sinister plot that has been unearthed.

Being courted

The Independent newspaper reported that it was the plan of the Third Reich to "install" Edward VIII (who had abdicated) as the King of England if things went their way. Whilst those in the higher echelons of the Nazi Party wanted to install Prince Edward as a "puppet monarch", it was an idea that his wife at the time, Wallis Simpson, supported strongly.

It was revealed that Simpson was keen to join her husband on the throne "at any price".

Highly concerning

In reviewing this story, it is immensely worrying for a number of reasons. First of all, it paints the monarchy in a bad light. Secondly, it was highly inappropriate to court the support of the regime your country is fighting to defeat. But more significantly, it shows that possibly there were individuals in the Royal Family who may secretly have wanted the Nazi Party to have won the war.

What now?

Going forwards it will most certainly be extremely embarrassing for the monarchy and may lead some of them to be seen in a negative light. The fact that the Queen's uncle was in contact with the Nazi regime does raise the question; were there any other members of the Royal Family doing the same thing?