Theresa May has been criticised from a number of different sources recently. Whether that it her approach to Brexit or her failed election campaign, the knives have well and truly been out. And now, there has been another attack made. This time there have been dismay, as the Mirror newspaper reported, that theresa May should not be taking her three-week Holiday when there are big problems at home. The question to ask is, should she be taking a holiday like this?

Need to remember

For many reasons, it should be stated that she should. We seem to forget the biggest thing about those in the public eye; whether that is the Prime Minister, or a footballer, or a celebrity; they are only human.

We seem to put those we see on the television or in public life on a different level to the rest of us, that they have to be the beacon of morality, that they cannot have any faults and that they should be perfect.

At her best

But that simply is not fair. The Prime Minister absolutely needs this break and should most certainly take it. Things are going to get intense when she returns, she needs to be at her absolute best to deal with the issue waiting for her. If she just kept on working, would that not be more detrimental to the country? We need Theresa May fresh, rested and ready to take the country forward. To deny her time off is simply unfair and just not right.