What is a rarity is that the UK would have such hot weather, more alike to those in Europe and around the world. But this situation did spark a protest and a valiant response. What I am referring to is the decision of a number of teenage Boys to wear skirts in protest.

Standing in protest

The reason you may ask? As temperatures soared to 34C, it was school policy at Exeter secondary school that boys could only wear school trousers. In protest at what they believed to be an unfair policy, as girls were allowed to wear skirts, the boys decided to take action.

And in wearing shorts, they most certainly did. The Guardian newspaper reported that the incident "caught the attention of media around the world". What is equally impressive is that they won. The head teacher, Aimee Mitchell stated that shorts would be allowed from next year.

Human resolve on show

What can we learn from this? One can never dampen the human spirit, and to campaign in what they believe in. Equality and freedom of expression are fundamental values in British society, and they were all on show in this incident. The boys must be applauded, not just for standing up for what they believe in, but for not giving in until justice was done. These words you may normally hear around adults, but the fact that they were from children is all the more impressive. Liberty is a wonderful thing and it was on full show here.