Since the General Election, Theresa May has said she is forming a minority government and then seeks a deal with the DUP to help them in parliament. However, she has made the mistake of forming the government and then going to the DUP, which in negotiating terms says to the other side of the table “we need you more than you need us”. BuzzFeed has also reported that a lot of Conservative MPs are getting a significant number of complaints about the DUP’s LGBT record.

Theresa May also forced her two closest aides to quit on Saturday after they have taken the blame for the election campaign.

Downing Street also announced that a deal was done with the DUP however, Sky News confirmed that this was a mistake and that no deal has been struck.

Corbyn’s ruthlessness as a leader highlighted

The opposition, Labour, have come out fighting still with Jeremy Corbyn saying he will offer an alternative Queen’s speech. But having a look at the numbers, there isn’t a clear idea as to how we would form a minority government with Labour leading. Before the election Survation were the only polling company to predict that it would be a hung parliament and their latest poll puts Labour on 45% and Conservatives on 38%, the Conservatives are in a mess and their leadership is desperate and shambolic at best.

Not only have Labour’s appeal skyrocketed, their membership has risen to 800,000 members, with approximately 130,000 in the last 3 days. This election has been one of the most remarkable elections in modern history and if you were worried about Brexit negotiations in the hands of Corbyn? He can see the Conservatives are significantly weakened and he is backing them into a corner, with the threat of an alternative Queen’s speech believing that there would be enough opposition in the house and in May’s own party to defeat the government, this would trigger another election. This shows Corbyn’s ruthless side perfectly and highlights his ability to lead, which is necessary when entering vital negotiations