For over 40 years the world’s fear of the hermit nation North Korea has slowly bubbled to the surface. This anxiety has been further magnified by the recent missile tests being conducted by the country's current ruler Kim Jong-un. Could this provocation be all they have to instill panic and anger from surrounding nations? Or could the possibility of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of a mad dictator be the new reality in our not so distant future?

Do they have the resources necessary to unleash a catastrophic war upon the world?

For the most part, the nation we know as North Korea is hardly one of prosperity.

Rather, a highly choreographed forgery of a land of prosperity whose greatness only appears to extend as far as the surface. Upon closer examination lies a population suffering a never-ending state of oppression and poverty. In short, a situation closely resembling George Orwell’s 1984.

Is anyone immune to a North Korean strike?

No doubt Asianic counties which are in close proximity to North Korea, most especially South Korea, are going to be the inevitable casualties of a nuclear war. Indeed, the possibility of South Korea being caught in the cross fire is inevitable. However, it is blatantly obvious that Australia, Japan and Indonesia are also feeling the brunt of the tension on the Korean peninsula.

This is clearly illustrated by the meeting that is set to occur on 22 August between the US Vice President Mike Pence and the Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull. Even though the Trans-Pacific Partnership is said to be the topic of discussion, there is no doubt that the topic of North Korea will also arise. Mr. Pence is also set to meet with the leaders of Japan, Indonesia and South Korea at this time.

Is this heightened state of anxiety for nothing?

History has proven the most catastrophic of tragedies strike when they are completely unexpected. The enemy strikes when we as a society have truly let our guard down. The abundance of soft targets can best be described as numerous.

Are these carefree times natural reactions to peaceful days, or a grave naivety?

Past occurrences have shown us that letting our guard down is hardly an option. Nevertheless, letting our lives be ruled by fear and suspicion is scarcely an option; doing so could only lead to distrust and paranoia. It's easy to state that taking down a nation lacking in resources would be a simple task. However, if that was the case wouldn’t it have been over and done with by now instead of prolonging over 40 years? Clearly, North Korea's alliance with China hardly helps the situation. It just makes things even more difficult. The world can merely wait with bated breath.