The clouds of war have gone deeper in the Korean Peninsula. On Tuesday, on the occasion of 85th anniversary of its army, North Korea has started maneuvers with its huge arms on its eastern coast. According to South Korea's media, this is N.Korea's largest maneuvering in history and has involved nearly 300-400 devastating weapons. Dictator Kim Jong and his administration once again warned the United States of war against the war.

United States in Japanese sea

Jong's strike is going on between both sides as both sides are gathering in the area. The United States and its allies South Korea and Japan are conducting different maneuvers.

On Tuesday, one of the largest nuclear submarines of the Us Navy fleet arrived at North Korea's Busan port. US warship USS Carl Winson's warship fleet is also about to reach North Korea soon. Apart from this, US Navy warship USS Wayne Mayer is in joint battle with South Korea in the Yellow Sea. Another US warship USS Fitzgerald is engaged in similar drill with the Tokyo Navy in the Japanese Sea.

Bluntly to Trump

Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has set up tough posturing against the US, on the other hand the Trump administration is ready to counter the threat in the twinkling of an eye. Pyongyang has done five nuclear tests in the last two years. Apart from this, many missile tests have also been done.

At the same time, the Trump Administration has clearly said that all options are open to deal with the threat of North Korea.

North Korea: Threat to United States

Tuesday, on the occasion of the foundation day of the army, N.Korea's Defense Minister Pak Yong Sik said, "If the enemy wields a military campaign despite our warnings, then our forces will counter strike the targets in range".

Earlier on April 15, North Korea demonstrated weapons on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of N.Korean founder Kim Jong Sung. Apart from this, the next missile was also tested but they failed.

How sensitive is North Korea's threat?

In the opinion of the experts, North Korea has been showing its strength on such important days.

In these days/years, maneuvers for their army are not new. But due to the tough missile trials and the strong showing from both sides, the situation seems to be explosive this time.

China's role

America is demanding that China must force N.Korea to stop the nuclear program. The Chinese administration has also made some efforts in this direction. But it is not clear what will be the responce from Pyongyang. On Friday, a key meeting of the UN Security Council will decide on tightening the sanctions against North Korea. On Wednesday, President Trump has invited 100 Members of Parliament for briefing on the situation.