North Korea has marched ahead. It has now developed nuclear weapons. One wonders how the regime of Kim Jong developed nuclear weapons and ICBM's without a strong scientific base. A closer look will show that but for China's help, the north would not have been able to develop its nuclear deterrent. The recent parade in Pyongyang the capital of North Korea is a clear reminder of the Chinese hand in the development of the North Korean arsenal. The string of rockets and missiles displayed in the parade all had a Chinese pedigree.

Trump would do well to understand that China has an umbilical cord which is closely linked to North Korea.

No Chinese government worth its salt will allow North Korea to be run over by American forces. In any case, the North Korean defence is developed to a high degree. The American adventure could well turn into destruction for South Korea. Nobody expects the North Koreans to defeat the United States, but one does expect that they will inflict severe collateral damage that would be so extreme that a victory would turn out to be pyrrhic. The North Korean development in the field of rocketry and nuclear research is entirely the gift of

The North Korean development in the field of rocketry and nuclear research is entirely the gift of China. The Chinese have not only helped North Korea but also Pakistan.

These are the harsh facts that cannot be glossed over. It would be naive of Donald Trump to think that the Chinese will allow him to bomb North Korea.

China mother of Korean nuclear development

China has been allied to North Korea for the last six and a half decades. During this time, if the Chinese wanted, they could have easily stopped the Korean development of nuclear weapons.

The Korean have 80% of their trade with China and this could have been a tremendous lever. But they did nothing and allowed Korea to develop its nuclear weapons. The Korean's used Chinese technology as their own technology was pretty primitive. It will not be wrong to say that China is the mother of the Korean nuclear program.

Attacking North Korea

The United States has now realised that mounting an attack on North Korea is by itself a self-defeating effort. South Korea will be devastated and millions will be made homeless. The western press is talking about North Korean refugees. They will have to address the millions of Korean refugees in the south who will become homeless or will die. One hopes that Donald Trump has understood that North Korea is a proxy of China. Sherlock Holmes used to tell Dr. Watson "this is elementary." One hopes Trump has understood this elementary truth: the country behind the North is China. Sooner than later he will have to confront China. Facing the red dragon won't be easy.