It’s hard not to associate the deerstalker hat and pipe with the world’s most famous and only consulting detective. The simplicity of this deduction could be best described in the words of Sherlock Holmes as being purely “elementary.”

Even though in most cases it would take a doctor… sorry, John… An inspector… Gavin? Garret? Oh yes, Graig! That’s it! Where was I? Oh yes to get to the bottom of the simplest of complexities.

In every portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, it was clear that his uncanny ability to stay focused on the case was his refusal to form any kind of emotional attachment to the victims involved.

But, perhaps this wall he had built around himself was simply a barrier to disguise the feelings resonating at the very depths of his soul?

The one that has mattered the most…

One of the additions to the modern take on the Baker Street adventures is Sherlock's almost mousy pathologist, Molly Hooper. From the very first moments so many of us watched with humorous interest as Sherlock and Molly bantered around the morgue at Bart’s it became clear, Molly (Louise Brealey) and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) had something special.

Their brief interactions didn’t translate to bits and pieces that failed to make an impact. On the contrary, Sherlock and Molly stole the show every time.

Could the hopes and wishes of so many Sherlolly fans finally get what they’ve been hoping for?

In a recent interview, Benedict had finally confirmed what we have known all along, “I think it would have to be Molly, wouldn’t it? Love for him, after all, would be thinking more - maybe that’s asking too much - maybe thinking as much of someone else as he thinks of himself".

One thing’s for sure season 5 will be interesting…

After all, the “I love you” exchanges certainly held some significance, could the great detective be leaving us subtle clues as to events to come?

Would it be so unheard for the great detective to finally find his other half? On the contrary, if it was to happen at all, the modern twist on the beloved adventures brought to life again by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat would be the perfect setting.

No doubt this modern twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece has hardly strayed too much from the original which has been the reason behind its success. Would it be so bad to have Molly Hooper take a more prominent role in the suspense, banter, experiments and adventures in the great detective’s flat?

Despite what so many doubters may think there is absolutely nothing to be wary about. After all, she was the one Sherlock turned to in his darkest moments. Most importantly let’s not forget Molly has done the impossible, she does count.

Evidently avoiding sentiment when it came to Molly Hooper was not in the cards for Sherlock Holmes.