It is well known to civilized nations that interrogations of any individual by the authorities should be recorded. In November 2007 the Italian authorities strayed far from their so-called mission of obtaining justice for the slain British student Meredith Kercher. Their goal had shifted to protect their reputations in the eyes of the public above everything else.

This led them to sacrifice the youth and reputation of an innocent college student - Raffaele Sollecito - who was simply caught in their cross-hairs. Raffaele in the eyes of the Italian legal system was turned into nothing more than an easy way to save face, a scapegoat in other words.

From the very beginning of Raffaele’s interrogations, and the events that lead up to his arrest the Italian authorities knew that their allegations against Raffaele were built on nothings but lies. They further tried to conceal this by denying Raffaele any legal representation during the beginning of his interrogations as well as not recording anything that was said.

In March 2015, it seemed as if the Italian authorities realized the error of their ways as it was finally proclaimed that Raffaele’s innocence stemmed from not an inconsistency of evidence by the absolute absence of it from the very beginning. Raffaele Sollecito was finally exonerated of all charges against him.

When years are stolen picking up the pieces is easier said than done

The enormity of damage caused by salacious attacks by the media and years of incarceration cannot be repaired at a stroke, as Raffaele Sollecito said to the BBC News Night he has “To rebuild my image before rebuilding my life.”

He has never diverted from the truth

Raffaele’s attempts to repair his image and efforts to maintain some kind of normalcy despite the trauma of incarceration he suffered began immediately following his release in 2012.

This is evident from the numerous appearance’s he has made on British, Italian and American television news networks, Andrson Cooper wrote in 2012. He quoted Raffaele as saying, “The media coverage missed a lot because they brought the information. I don’t know exactly from whom ...There is no interaction between me and the media at all.

I think they grabbed some details creating some fogged up nonsense.”

The common denominator here is that Raffaele is unyielding in proclaiming his innocence. He further reiterates the message in his two memoirs, Honor Bound and Un Passo Fuori Dalla Notte.

Could the Italian authorities be digging themselves into a deeper hole?

Just when we thought the Italian judicial system couldn’t get any worse it just did. On 28 June 2017, italy’s highest court had the audacity to deny Raffaele financial compensation for the years that were unjustly stolen from him and legal bills he acquired as a result of their incompetence.

Years of injustice can’t be tossed under the rug for much longer

Giulia Bongiorno, Raffaele’s attorney has vowed to appeal the decision to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) where no doubt Italy’s dirty laundry will be hung out to dry. Finally, Raffaele will receive the justice which has been denied to him for far too long.