Well, well! Now here's a turn-up for the books - and one that Tory HQ did not expect. Six weeks ago when the General Election was called the Conservative party were 23 points clear of Labour, today with only five days till polling - and depending on which newspaper you read - that lead has dwindled to between 3 and 7 points. This, of course, throws not only the confident predictions of a Tory landslide on Friday morning into question, but even the question of who gets to sleep at Number 10 that night.

What's gone wrong?

In what has been a very dull campaign where no one has really risen above their game, it is clear that in these closing days no one party has a clear idea of the intent of UK voters.

The Conservative wobble of a couple of weeks ago turned out to be far more toxic than they had anticipated, and they have most certainly lost the high ground. Even at this late stage voters are still unaware of what the party actually stands for. The PM's weakness is that she has been very reluctant to appear in any form of one-to-one debate with anyone, which has proved a weakness, allowing ample ammunition to her detractors, and cries of moral cowardice.

A Labour Resurgence?

Look, no matter what anyone thinks Labour must be saying something right, and certainly the polls are showing that someone is listening. Unfortunately, last Sunday on the Andrew Marr show - which she was warned not to appear on by Mr.

Corbyn - Dianne Abbott did her foot in mouth trick yet again. Making a dreadful muddle of the interview, showing that she is practically incapable of stringing a full sentence together without making some form of gaffe. Unfortunately, her Leader did little better when he appeared on a Friday BBC Newsnight special, espousing his well-meaning but out of step views on the usage of Nuclear weapons.

No matter how he tries it appears he cannot get his head around the fact that if say, North Korea or ISIS launch an attack on us, that we should in no way retaliate. Or have the actual capacity to do so. This said, he appears to be a hit with the voters as he has clawed his way back to within a whisker of Theresa May, and of course, both must be biting their nails at the potential outcome on Thursday.

Hands of the voters

This is a now a two-horse race! Presently the favourite seems to have lost form, while the contender has gained some. The gallop to the line and the eventual winner is now in the hands of the voters of this country and the ballot papers they tick; only they can decide!