It was a week the white house would have hoped to forget but one that was replayed in comic detail on Saturday Night Live as Melissa McCarthy reprised her role as Sean Spicer and alec baldwin played Donald Trump. From scenes with Spicer hiding in the bushes to a podium trip down the streets of Ne York, it was the culmination of a much hyped episode of Saturday Night Live

White House rumblings

It was a tough week for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who was bombarded with a series of questions about the testimony of Sally Yates, the former Acting Attorney General and Michael Flynn, the former National Security adviser.

But if that wasn’t enough, Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey, the F.B.I. director, sent shock waves throughout Washington and it was up to Sean Spicer to answer more questions. This led to accusations of Spicer's alleged hiding in the bushes and speculations the he was also on the chopping block - rumours that only got louder as he was temporarily replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Trump on the hot seat with Lester Holt

If Trump was in the hot seat with Lester Holt, things got even hotter on SNL as Michael Che playing Lester Holt, interviewed Trump played by Alec Baldwin on the firing of James Comey. In response to questions about conflicting reasons for Comey's firing, Baldwin as Trump responded, “I fired him because of Russia.

I thought, he’s investigating Russia. I don’t like that. I should fire him.” During the exchange Alec Baldwin as Trump boasted that nothing will stop him because he had the Republicans in the "palm of his hands" which he illustrated by calling on Paul Ryan played by Mickey Day, to bring him ice cream.

Spicer's troubled week replayed

Aidy Bryant in her SNL role as Sarah Huckabee Sanders was filling in for Sean Spicer when a reporter motioned that he was in fact hiding in the bushes to which Bryant explained that Spicer was engaged in a military exercise and needed to blend in with his surroundings. McCarthy as Spicer rushed into the briefing room after it was suggested that Sanders should replace him.

Melissa McCarthy continued the press briefing with responses like “Trump is innocent. How do we know? Because he told us so. Period. Then he hired lawyers to agree with him--." When he was called "bullish" by a reporter, he lost it and hosed him down with a fire extinguisher. As the questions kept coming about Trump's honesty a seemingly worried and anxious Spicer character set off in search of Donald Trump.

Roaming the streets of New York

In the highly publicised filmed scene, McCarthy as Sean Spicer takes off on a podium through the streets of New York to find Donald Trump. When he finally meets with him at his New Jersey golf course, he asks him whether he ever told him to say things that were not true. Baldwin as Trump replied “Only since you started working here.” The sketch ended with the two characters embracing and kissing.