Yes, you did read that right! According to EU regulations for the Herbal medicine industry using the word 'women' on a label for a blend of herbs that helps with women's health problems, is too suggestive and is claiming a Medical Condition. So ladies, the people in Brussels are saying we're a medical condition! Doesn't seem fair, surely the word 'men' would also be suggestive of a medical condition? Apparently not!

However, the people at MHRA say that pills for breast enlargement are a claim that isn't suggestive - ok, so if I want my breasts to be larger it's ok to buy some dodgy pills off the internet that have nothing in them to actually make your breasts larger, surely this is wrong?

Is anyone else confused? Hurry up Brexit I say, get rid of these insulting regulations created by people who have no idea about the herbs they are trying to regulate, all they know is that the big pharmaceutical companies don't want people buying them because they actually make people feel better. So, MHRA is making it more and more difficult for traditional medicines to be sold.

People seem to forget that all pharmaceuticals and modern medicines have all come from our mother Earth, for example the contraceptive pill derives from Wild Yam, not from man-made chemicals in a lab, yes they refined it which actually makes it less effective because it is the whole plant that is beneficial not just part of it.

What I love about plants is they tend to have common names relevant to what they help you with or do, for example, Lung Wort which grows in my garden next to the stream, is great for lung problems; Bladder Wort is great for bladder problems, and Nerve Root - I don't think I need to explain! There's so much more! It's much simpler than all these complicated chemical or Latin names, plus they sound really good.

You know what it does without needing a degree to understand it's name!

This is no conspiracy theory, it's happening now!

Do you trust the big pharmaceutical companies that claim they are healing you? Do you trust the companies that are providing our hospitals with overpriced chemicals to apparently help us feel good, all these 'medicines' with thick booklets inside the box warning you of the side effects? The big companies that are making billions from our ill health?

Surely there's some ethical questioning to be done here? If they really do want to make people better and healthier then why are they more bothered about their profit margins and doing their best to stop people helping themselves with the natural traditional route? If they truly wanted to help they wouldn't be costing the NHS millions they'd be saving it money by using the more affordable traditional medicines that actually work; they wouldn't be withholding cancer treatments because they're less profitable than people being ill. Many people have questioned the morality and practice of these big pharmaceutical companies and always find themselves being warned off the subject by some 'big heavies' coming to their front door - discreetly.

What is going on? Why are they so secretive and why do they really want people to stay ill? Is this what the world has come to? Profit from illness? The NHS could save millions a week by listening to the public and actually providing alternatives to these horrible chemicals that give us the horrendous side effects and don't actually help in the long term; most modern medicine treats symptoms and not the actual cause. And it's always been the herbalists that have been persecuted throughout history for being 'witches' - probably because their tinctures and herbal remedies are so helpful and effective people think it's dark magic, whereas it's just allowing Mother Nature to help us, and understanding that plants can actually help us.

Did you know that it's these big pharmaceutical companies that own food companies too? Have you heard of Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, BASF? These are the amalgamation of the IG Farben pharmaceutical company who made the Zyklon B the infamous and nefarious gas used in WW2 and Agent Orange in the Vietnam war. These companies still exist despite being trailed for serious war crimes, these are the companies that are making the most toxic legal substances known and they're putting them on our crops, in our food and our water supplies. Heard of Aspartame? Which is used as ant poison originally and still is? That's what is in so many foods and drinks as an artificial sweetener - why would anyone in their right mind want to put something in the food that was originally created to kill animals?

What is it doing to us? How are these companies STILL getting away with - apparently just changing your company name makes everything ok? Do you think it's ok to be consuming toxic chemicals? I don't. They're making people ill and profiting from it. The world needs to be educated about what these companies are putting in our food and drink, it's highly unethical, and they are preying on people who cannot afford organic and naturally produced foods.

They're growing food faster than we can eat it and even the 'healthy' food is making the world obese. The preservatives, pesticides, and fertilisers used to grow them, the hybrid grains they're planting all are nowhere near as good for us as their original forms.

Hybrid grains are used so we can have pasta and bread faster, in order to compete with demand, but they don't have even half the goodness in them. Plants need certain conditions and time periods to grow properly, remember plants can help us, but only if we treat them right, nurture them and provide the right environment for them and not just growing over-sized plants in fields that cannot yield the nutrients needed for this hybrid, fast grown, larger food sources - therefore affecting the longevity of the potential yield from harvestable land. But all this fast food, and I don't mean burgers and fries, I mean being able to buy bread when you want, is making us all ill. More and more people complain of food intolerances, some of which never existed before - just ask your grandma or more likely now, your great grandma, whether there was such a thing as 'irritable bowel syndrome', or gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance?

I think you'll find they'll say no. It's because food never used to be grown the way it is today, cows never used to be fed on the remains of sheep because it's a cheap food source. More illnesses are being created by food that is hybridised or grown too fast using pesticides and man-made fertilisers. It's making us ill and it's making nature ill too. The bees are disappearing, wild birds are in decline and so much more. It's been discovered that pesticides have hindered the population of wild birds because they are making the egg shells too thin and breakable so the chick can't develop properly and more often than not, they don't hatch at all.

I'm wandering off on a tangent here, my main point here is that the herbal industry needs to be more recognised.

More and more people are turning to what is considered 'alternative' but it's actually traditional medicine. This is because people want to actually feel good, feel healthy and get better without having side effects. Traditional is the way to go, we need to avoid the chemicals that are being used in our foods without our knowledge. People may have heard of Aspartame but so many people don't understand where it's come from or what it was made for. It is our rights as Humans to have this knowledge, the pharmaceutical companies shouldn't be secretive and shouldn't be controlling our foods and medicines in such nefarious, manipulative, and controlling ways. If you want to read more on these companies go to, there are people out there brave enough to write about these issues.

Let mother nature help you, avoid chemicals and the world will be a better place - my point is that natural is best, herbs heal, chemicals kill.

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