Pakistan is under attack by the Muslim hard-line terror groups. These groups want to enforce a Wahabbi concept of Islam in the country. Thes Sunni outfit like the ISIL and the Pakistan Taliban target the other Muslim minorities like the Shia and the Ahmedia (They are not recognized as Muslims in Pakistan). Today (Wednesday) the terror group targeted a Pakistan soldiers platoon guarding census workers in Lahore. This is Pakistan's second largest city and capital of Pakistan Punjab. The census the first after 1998 is being carried out under supervision of the army which has deployed 200,000 soldiers for this task.

The bomb exploded when the soldiers were giving support to a census group. The explosion which had targeted the soldiers killed 5 of them. Out of these 4 were from the army and one was an airforce man. General Bajwa, the Chief of the Pak army seized of the matter and has vowed that the census will carry on. At the same time, he announced the launch of a new offensive against the extremists. This news is reported by Al Jazeera news channel.

Terror attacks

Pakistan has been rocked by terror attacks, some of which are of gigantic proportion. An attack on the lawyers in Quetta led to over 100 deaths and another In Lahore which targeted the Christians while they were celebrating in a park again, led to over a 100 killed.

The last attack was just a month back when the Sunni terror group targeted a Shia Sufi shrine in Sind about 160 km from Hyderabad and almost 120 devotees were killed.

Extremists groups

Pakistan is facing this onslaught from the extremist groups. But much of this terrorism is home grown and is the result of faulty policy by the Pak army and civil establishment.

Pakistan also tried to distinguish between good and bad terrorism. Terrorists who targeted Indian and the Kabul regime were good and were given succor and help. This was an extremely short sighted policy as all terror groups have a seamless integration and now Pakistan is paying a heavy price for this grave lapse. The Pakistan people are facing the wrath of the extremist groups who even attacked a school in Peshawar and killed 160 children.


One can only hope that the Pak army will once and for all make a clean break with any form of terrorism. But to observers, it appears the horse has bolted and now it will be very difficult for Pak to restore the old days.