Ken Livingstone has become embroiled in fresh controversy concerning his comments about Israel, the Jewish people and Adolf Hitler. Let us investigate.

What was initially said?

The problems started last year when Livingstone made comments, as reported in the Express newspaper, that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist. He also claimed that there was a "well-orchestrated campaign" against the Labour party by the "Israel lobby", according to the Telegraph newspaper. As a result of his comments, Livingstone was suspended by the party, who stated that "we are not tolerating anti-semitism in any form".

Recurring problems

However, whilst we hoped that that would be that, it has not turned out to be like that. It has recently emerged that Livingstone stated that Zionists "collaborated" with Nazis "right up to the start" of the Second World War. It has led to him being suspended for another year. In analysing what was said, whilst he may have truly believed what he said, after what happened last year, why say anything at all? He must have known that he would get in to trouble and what good is it doing for the Labour Party itself? They already have a number of problems and just did not need this. It is fine to have your opinions, but just keep them private. Unfortunately he did not.