As the Election Battle-Buses rev up in this The First full week of campaigning, two parties have already hit the slippery slope without an obstacle in sight. Strange that both Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon spoke at a very wintery Trade Union meeting in the Scotish Highlands yesterday - not at the same time of course to avoid bloodshed, yet both bluffed and blustered probably leaving even themselves unsure of their intent?


In Aviemore, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had a perfect opportunity to lay out, with some real passion this time, what he really felt after his lacklustre TV appearance on Sunday morning.

Yet nothing about Europe, or NATO, and certainly nothing about Trident which effects Scotland's job prospects? Instead, he pandered to the whims of the trade-unions, a topic on which most of those who support him have heard more than enough already. Where were his sweeping statements about progress, the way forward, or what are we actually going to do to revive the UK's manufacturing industries? He did not even mention Brexit until he released a statement this morning, (Tuesday) saying that he would guard the rights of all EU citizens residing in the UK after we are out. More importantly, he would repeal government legislation, stay in the single market and transport relevant EU laws to the UK.

Well, why did we come out of Europe then?

Of course just to stick the boot in a bit harder, Tony Blair - unable to just shut up, the duplicitous ex-politician, PM and Labour leader, urged labour voters to vote tactically for Conservative candidates whilst he himself was going to still vote Labour, no matter how badly they were doing in the polls.

It leaves one wondering if Blair has some ulterior motive? Perhaps he will invest some of his considerable wealth in getting together with other disaffected 'remainders,' in setting up a new political party that will take the steam out of 'Old Labour,' when the popular vote collapses in 7 weeks time?


Well now, there is something you can be sure Nicola Sturgeon did not see coming.

A woman who is so full of her own agenda that she forgets that voters have one too. It appears that Scotland as a whole are none too pleased with her constant rant of; independence, independence, independence! In a surprise poll - well to her at least - overall support for 'Scotsit,' currently stands at 40% with only 26% of all voters wanting a new referendum any time soon. She must also be reeling from the fact that the Conservatives under Ruth Davidson are picking up a lot of support from the undecided, with as many as 12 Scottish seats in contention. Some voters appear to have been left bewildered by Sturgeon's battle-cry of old, that the SNP were, 'Stronger for Scotland.' when the SNP are only stronger for the SNP and their ultimate goal of Independence.

So a little excitement in a stilted campaign. One can only hope there are lots more to come...