The daughter of president Trump, ivanka trump was in Berlin at the W20 conference on Tuesday. As a member of the panel she received a cold response as she discussed her father's policies on women in the workforce. Ivanka called her father a tremendous champion of supporting families and said that she was proud of his advocacy for paid leave. The discussion had centered around the absence of paid leave policies for women in the USA.

Trump's record on women questioned

Ivanka's defense of her father's record on women's issues was reportedly followed by hissing and booes from the audience.

The conference moderators then interrupted her asking if she heard the reaction of the audience and asked whether some of President Trump's past attitudes toward women might cause some to question his record on women's issues. In the past Trump has made some statements about women that has lead to questions about his commitment to women's issues.

A summit for empowering women

The W20 summit, held in Berlin Germany is under the motto “Inspiring women: scaling up women’s entrepreneurship”. It was attended by Angela Merkel German Chancellor, Christine Lagarde who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and Ivanka Trump. Ivanka was invited to the conference by Angela Merkel to participate on the panel discussion about women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment.

Ivanka's participation at the summit is the result of the March round table hosted by Trump and Merkel at the White house, according to sources.

An encouraging father

The heckling from the audience did not faze the President's daughter. In response to the moderator's question about her father's record on women, Ivanka responded that she heard the criticisms from the media but insisted that her experience with the President has been different.

She referred to the thousands of women who worked for him for several years and said that they are a testament to his belief in the potential of women and that he has always enabled and encouraged her to thrive.

A champion of women

When Ivanka Trump was asked for her reactions on the heckling, she responded that "Politics is Politics" and that she has learned that there are many perspectives and viewpoints but that ultimately is was actions that matter.

She referred to her father embracing her interest and aligning with the interests she cares deeply about. She reiterated the point that her father has always been a champion of women and those who are ambitious.

Donald Trumps opinions about women

There were several media reports about Donald Trump's statements about women in the past. Some of these include calling Megan Kelly a "bimbo", commenting that sexual assault in the military was totally expected and that women on The Apprentice needed to rely on sex appeal. He also referred to pumping breast milk as disgusting and that bad press didn't matter as long as you had a sexy girlfriend. However, Trump has since made proposals on paid family leave, childcare expense deductions and paid maternity leave.