Labour have been in turmoil since Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader by a larger mandate than Tony Blair in 1997, first in 2015 and then a year later he increased that mandate. However, at every opportunity his ability to lead has been undermined by those against within the party and by the media, who have a strong opposition against his leadership. Whilst Corbyn himself has made errors, they have not been bad enough to warrant the attacks he has daily.

A split party significantly weakens the opposition to the government and whilst Labour MPs continue to undermine him, the Conservatives will remain in power beyond 2020.

A united Labour is stronger

Left wing Labour plan to introduce a clause that lowers the requirement of support from MPs to stand in the leadership contest. Currently, you need support of 15% of MPs and the only reason Corbyn could stand himself, was due to the likes of Sadiq Khan, former MP for Tooting but now London Mayor and David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, who stated that they wanted a wider debate during the leadership contest. The rule change will lower the percentage to 5, which will ensure a fairer range of candidates in the future.

The rule change needs to be put through because it will ensure the party can work for everyone. The reason why Labour are needed in politics is because they have evolved over the years, before they were just for the working class and represented those in the poorest but since Blair the party represents the middle classes as well as the working classes by allowing a range of members to become MPs.

The political spectrum is represented within the Labour party but they need to find a way of working together to use this to full effect. Constant in-fighting has weakened Labour and it is the fault of everyone involved.