There was a story recently about members of a Muslim community who in Philadelphia, came together to help "clean up" a Jewish cemetery that was vandalised, as reported on CNN.

Fighting back

After all that goes on in international politics, the wars that are fought between different countries, sects and people, what happened at Mount Carmel was nothing short of outstanding. It is often the case that the hatred that is meant to exist between the different religions is overly spoken of or commented on. But what this incident illustrates is that there is still hope.

As anti-semitism and Racism in general continues to plague communities around the world, it is just a nice one that the pendulant goes the other way once in a while.

Standing together

After almost one hundred tombstones were toppled at the cemetery, Muslim activist Tarek El-Messidi "sprung to action". As of a couple of weeks ago, $155,000 were raised. Now although extremely impressive, it was the comments made by El-Massidi that will stay with me, who said that "I want to ask all Muslims to reach out to your Jewish brothers and sisters and stand together against this bigotry".

What this illustrates is that not all is lost in the Fight against racism. We can come together as a community, united by our love for one another and our desire to make the world a better place.