A female Muslim bus driver is claiming to have been raped multiple times by a colleague in March 2015, but when she finally built up the courage to confide in her supervisor, he dismissed the claims. He wasn’t dismissing them as false, he accepts the incident took place, he just says that she “wanted it.” Of course, she didn’t want it because she’s claiming Rape and was traumatised by it. The case reached a London court, as the woman is suing the bus company, her supervisor, and the operations director.

Told her not to tell anyone

According to the Daily Mail, the supervisor told the Muslim woman not to tell anybody about the incident, saying that if she did, she would become the “talk of the garage.” This is a big part of the problem.

There is a shame attached to women who have been raped because it is perceived that they “let themselves be raped,” and that’s why only 35% of such incidents get reported, and only 1% ever lead to an arrest. When someone is raped, it’s 100% the rapist's fault it happened. And we live in a society where that just needs to be explained.

After the Muslim driver made the accusation and her supervisor nonchalantly brushed it off, he started asking her question after question about personal sexual things that were none of his business, such as how big the rapist’s penis was, which positions they used, and whether or not either of them achieved an orgasm. He even said that her rapist hadn’t done anything wrong.

Assaults came to light after unrelated incident

The victim had kept the attacks to herself until she was in trouble for an unrelated incident in which she had failed to put on the handbrake on her bus. Whilst speaking to her supervisor about the accident, she came clean about the series of sexual assaults she faced from a fellow bus driver who is also a Muslim.

The woman claims that her rapist has faced no disciplinary action or legal consequences whatsoever, while she has been fired from her job for breaking safety protocol and being negligent. The company did offer her another job driving nights, but she refused it as being raped had scared her.

Supervisor: she ‘wanted it’

The Muslim woman (who remains nameless for legal reasons, same as the locations and names of everyone else involved) took the rape case to police who did nothing for three months, before dismissing the case when her boss who is a Christian said that she “wanted it” as she has been “westernised,” suggesting that western culture condones rape.

She is now suing the bus company, as well as the Christian boss who ignored her essentially because she’s a Muslim and in his eyes has no right to complain about a rape that happened to her in the western world. She released a statement: “I became the victim of a series of sexual assaults and rape during March 2015. In the early hours of Thursday 5 March, I was raped by a work colleague, a bus driver.” She said her boss tried to persuade her that he attacker’s actions “were normal for every man.”

Ops director said it was a ‘cultural thing,’ not rape

The Christian supervisor took God’s side, saying that she needed to “forgive” her rapist “so he can repent.” The woman considers her relationship with this man to be abusive, as he held her tongue and stopped her from speaking out.

When she took this information to the company’s operations director (a woman) who she is also suing, she referred to the misunderstanding as a “cultural thing,” claiming that this Muslim man having “complete power and control” over her was not rape but simply an islam thing.

The Muslim woman described her relationship with her rapist, calling him “violent” towards her and saying he “scared” her. “He wouldn’t leave me alone. He forced me to have sex with him and do things with him without my consent.” Sounds like rape to me. Her boss disgracefully told her, “You are westernised so you wanted it. You are intelligent, so you wasn’t (sic) brainwashed by him.” The case is expected to reach a court verdict by the end of this week.