The future of the global order is certainly in jeopardy. As the UK begins its process of withdrawing from the EU and the calls from the United States to withdrawn from its global involvement, questions remain as to how this will affect the world itself.

The future

It does seem that the era of state to state cooperation may well be under serious threat. As the United Kingdom under Theresa May begins the process to preserve its sovereignty and with Donald Trump eager to "end" attempts to spread "liberal democracy", as reported in the Independent newspaper, how the established order will operate in the coming years will certainly be interesting.

The sad reality

It is a shame though that after all the efforts to preserve peaceful relations within Europe and the West through the European Union and NATO in the aftermath of World War II, that two of its biggest players are changing tact. Joining together and fighting the global threats as a team has been replaced by a desire to go it alone, to maintain ultimate control and to ensure security independent of others. It is for sure sad for the International community.