Across the US I’m sorry to say, there is a surge of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers and vandalising Jewish graveyards. Would a real president have armed troops standing guard at every Northeast Jewish cemetery? You betcha!

Where’s President Trump?

When asked about this wave of hatred on February 17 by a Jewish reporter, president Trump attacked him saying he was the least anti-semitic person in the world. He may be, and he certainly has an Orthodox Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren (protected by the world's best armed guards 24X7), but that wasn’t the point of the reporter’s question.

Jake Turx, an Orthodox Jewish reporter for Ami Magazine began by saying he knew Trump himself wasn’t anti-semitic, but President Trump is still so focused on his campaign of hatred that he just assumed the question was a taunt rather than a legitimate question about why he hadn’t spoken out against the surge in anti-Semitic hatred. A few days later President Trump did finally speak out but his Vice President went much further by actually going to a desecrated cemetery and helping upright toppled grave markers.


Europeans wouldn't know, but when Republicans took the South (the slave-holding Confederacy during the civil war), they did so by raising the level of hatred and discrimination against blacks through intimidation and outright laws which made it harder for the poor to vote.

The GOP (Grand Old Party, i.e. Republicans as founded by Lincoln) has an almost solid voting block in the south because it promotes racism and thereby scares blacks away from the polls and encourages the race hatred of some whites.

During the recent campaign President Trump used code words such as “states rights” which is widely understood in the South to mean anti-black and advocated outright race war against Mexicans and Muslims.

That got him elected but now the seeds of hatred he planted are bearing fruit with the highest level of anti Jewish activities ever in the US. Meanwhile, in middle America, 51-year-old Navy veteran Adam Purinton has been arrested on murder charges after he bragged to a bartender that he had just killed two Syrians. He did kill Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an Indian immigrant working as an engineer, and wounded another Hindu as both were having a quiet after-work drink.

If Mr Purinton had working brain cells he would know that Muslims don’t drink alcohol , but hatred leaves little room for knowledge or thought.

US airports still dangerous.

Meanwhile, a black man named Muhammad Ali, Jr. (son of that Muhammed Ali) was detained and questioned because, when asked, he told an INS agent he was a Muslim. Not the brightest candle in the box, the agent then separated the boxing great’s son from Ali's ex-wife for extended questioning asking where he got his name. Ali said it was a family name he got from his father but the agent still didn’t catch on until it was brought to his attention that the man’s mother was outside signing photos of herself with her ex-husband Muhammad Ali.

Who is the terrorist here? Ali, or the INS agent?

A ray of hope from the south.

A Georgia couple who rode through a black neighbourhood during a children’s party making threats, waving a shotgun, and carrying the Confederate Battle Flag, was sentenced yesterday for violation of the Street Gangs Act and for making racist threats.

Jose Torres got 13 years in prison and girlfriend Kayla Norton got six years in prison. Both were shown bawling their eyes out in court when they apparently learned it was wrong to hate black people, even in Georgia.

District Attorney Brian Fortner said, "This case was about a group of people riding around our community, drinking alcohol, harassing and intimidating our citizens because of the colour of their skin."

Sadly, some of the YouTube comments on this video blamed everything on “the Jews.”

Also I'm ashamed to say, there are Confederate flags flying over some homes right here in Punxsutawney where even a groundhog gets respect.