President Donald Trump said during his inauguration speech, which was probably paid little attention by Americans who didn’t feel dead sure he’d make their country great again and were fearing for their lives, that he was going to fix all the country’s problems. He said, “The American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

Now, Trump has addressed Congress to flesh out how he intends to stop this “carnage” right here and now, tackling specifically the topics of poverty, unemployment, Crime, and Education. This article will compare what he said in January during his inauguration speech with what his plans are that he’s outlined now to fix everything.

Trump on poverty

During his inauguration speech, Trump voiced his sympathy for “mothers and children” who are “trapped in poverty” in the “inner cities” of America. Now, in an effort to do something about that, he wants to change the “current system of lower-skilled immigration” to “a merit-based system,” so only the immigrants who have something to offer will be allowed in. He also listed the advantages of this system: saving “countless dollars,” hiking up the wages of the workers who elected him, and providing help for “struggling families” (which he clarified included “immigrant families,” luckily) to get into the middle class.

Trump on employment

On Inauguration Day, Trump said that factories in need of refurbishment were just scattershot across the barren wasteland of America.

In his address to Congress, he spoke of his plans to change that. Trump boasted about how he has “cleared the way” for construction to take place on the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines (skimming over the fact that this involved the desecration of sacred Native American land and the violation of their rights as a people, stealing even more of their land as if the whole rest of the country wasn’t enough) and how it will create “tens of thousands of jobs,” which is sure to make his working class voters happy.

Trump also noted a directive he has issued demanding that any new American pipelines being constructed must be constructed using American steel. America has exited what Trump calls “the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership” and the President also wants Congress to pass through his new legislation that will like to an investment of a trillion dollars from “both public and private capital” to effectively create “millions of new jobs.” Say what you will about the guy, but his business experience means he knows how to handle the country’s money, and while his policies aren’t great for everyone (Muslims, for one), they are helping out the working class joes that make up the backbone of America.

Trump on education

During his inauguration speech, Trump said that the education system of America is “flush with cash,” and yet leaves youths who are educated through it “deprived of all knowledge,” and promised to fix that. In his Congressional speech, he begged Congressmen from both sides of the political fence, left and right, to vote to pass his education bill that will provide the funding to give underprivileged youths more choice in the school they go to, the school that will be right for them, which he says includes “millions of African-American and Latino children.” He says that these kids should be able to handpick the school for them from all “public, private, charter, magnet, (and) religious” schools, as well as home school if they or their family so choose.

Trump on crime and the war on drugs

On Inauguration Day, Trump said that crime and drugs in America have “stolen too many lives” and crippled the backbone of the nation, and he vowed to fix that, too. In his speech to Congress, he said that he’s spoken to the Justice Department to put together a new task force whose goal is “reducing violent crime.” Trump said that the new task force is already getting “gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our citizens” off the streets.