President Donald Trump recently wrote a letter to China’s President Xi Jinping, offering a healthier and friendlier relationship between the United States and China. Xi received the letter with much grace and was very pleased about the prospect of a friendly relationship with America. Now, it looks as though things are developing and moving forward on that front as a senior diplomat from China nipped into the White House to talk with Trump’s advisers, and Trump even found time for a quick meeting with him himself.

Who is Yang Jiechi?

Yang Jiechi, the Chinese ambassador who Trump and his administration met with, is the State Councillor of China.

He is the first senior official from China to meet with Trump since he officially became the President of the United States.

Yang discussed matters of security with Trump’s national security adviser, HR McMaster. McMaster replaces conspiracy theorist Michael Flynn, who resigned due to being a part of a crooked, “Dr. Strangelove” type cabinet and being called on everything wrong with him. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, was also in on the discussion.

US/China relationship has until now been tense

Until Trump came along to fix things, the relationship between the United States and China had been very tumultuous, with tensions arising over security and trade. Trump and Xi are looking to tide things over.

A few weeks ago, Trump called Xi on the phone, proving his letter wasn’t just a half-arsed ploy to keep China on the fishing line.

America has shied away from China’s conflict with Taiwan (China doesn’t recognise Taiwan as a country, more a part of China that ran away and needs to return with its tail between its legs like the prodigal son), but during his campaign, Trump threatened to recognise the Taiwanese Government, and even called the President of Taiwan to tease China.

But it seems as though Trump and Xi are putting that behind them now as they look onwards and upwards to a beautiful friendship.

From the rest of Trump’s cabinet, Yang met Steve Bannon and Vice President Mike Pence, and according to press secretary Sean Spicer (Trump’s Matt Walsh, but not as nice or as truthful), his meeting with Trump was merely to “say hi to the President.”