A few weeks after leaving the White House in the hands of a megalomaniacal goon, Barack Obama is back to work, and so is his wife Michelle. Having enjoyed a retirement trip with Richard Branson on the Virgin CEO's private island, the Obamas have returned to the United States ready to tell their lives' stories.

No rest for the wicked - or the makers of history

Just a month after the end of Barack’s Presidency, the Obamas are back to business. Their new careers as authors will fill the free time they now have to live out their days protected by the Secret Service and financially set for life.

God bless America.

Penguin Random House is the publisher that’s managed to snap up the hotly bidded-for worldwide publication rights to two separate memoirs, one written by ex-President Obama and the other by ex-First Lady Obama. The date of publication of either or both of the Books has yet to be confirmed, and the subject of the books (presumably their hectic daily lives during Barack’s time as President) is being kept under wraps.

The publisher’s CEO Markus Dohle released a statement saying that he and his team are “absolutely thrilled” to be pushing forward with their ongoing publishing partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama. He said that “their words and their leadership” created great change in the world, which is what he claims Penguin Random House is trying to do with every book they publish.

Dohle said that the main goal with the Obamas’ exciting new memoirs is to make them “global publishing events of unprecedented scope and significance.” However, the success of the books will not be “unprecedented” - everybody loves the Obamas!

Book deal reportedly paying $60 million to the couple

Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly being paid $60 million by Penguin Random House for their new books, which while they are guaranteed bestsellers, some commentators are saying could bankrupt the publisher for throwing out unnecessary amounts to authors they already have a working relationship with for writing which could be bought for a lot less.

Penguin Random House is also going to donate a million books to First Book, a non-profit organisation, and Open eBooks, the partner for the 2016 White House digital education initiative based in Washington DC, in the Obamas’ name.