The shockwaves were felt around the world when Donald Trump won the Presidential election in 2016, leaving the Democrats who expected Hillary Clinton to win desperate and hopeless. They’re now turning to other candidates from their party to bring home the gold in 2020.

Clinton’s failure can be attributed to a lot of things (biased media coverage, no snappy slogans, and misogyny, to name a few), so for a candidate who can beat Trump’s re-election campaign, the Democrats will need someone with pretty big cojones.

Joe Biden

Barack Obama’s Vice President was going to run against Hillary Clinton last year, but decided not to following his son’s tragic passing in 2015.

However, if Biden runs in 2020, he’s very popular with the working class voters that got Trump elected, so he could be the one to lure them back to the Democratic Party.

Cory Brooker

Brooker is a little package of things Democrats love: a great campaigner, a great public speaker, a prominent African-American, outspokenly tolerant of people from all walks of life. He’s like Obama 2.0. He’s a shoo-in for the Democratic vote.

Mark Cuban

Like Trump, a billionaire reality TV star. Unlike Trump, very outspokenly anti-Trump. Mark Cuban could win the Democrats the election if the White House is now a hotspot for Celebrities like the guy from “The Apprentice” and Kanye West of all people.

Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo is an outspoken supporter of Democratic beliefs like same-sex marriage and gun control, which should make him highly popular with the party’s voters.

Tim Kaine

He would’ve been Hillary Clinton’s Vice President, so Kaine will hopefully be able to avoid the Democratic candidate’s mistakes given he had a front row seat to witness them.

Michelle Obama

Following in the grand tradition of Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton herself, Michelle Obama worked very actively to improve America as First Lady.

She is beloved by the American people, she has the perfect Democratic beliefs, and she would make a fantastic 46th President.

Bernie Sanders

The Larry David-esque Vermont Senator who was beaten to the 2016 Democratic nomination by Hillary Clinton could have a second chance in 2020, as he’s arguably the most popular left-wing politician in America and his policies (free college for everyone!) struck a chord with voters.

However, at 75, by 2020, he may be considered too old to elect, or dead.

Elizabeth Warren

Every picture of her may look like a bad picture of Hillary Clinton, but she’s also the saner, calmer, more level-headed, less shady version of Hillary Clinton, too. Elizabeth Warren would be a great first female President of the United States, since she had the best response to Trump’s Presidency. Rather than hopeless despair or angry ranting, she simply told MSNBC that the Democrats will be “smart” and “organized,” and that they will utilise their “time and talents in a strategic and careful way,” while vowing, “we are going to fight back,” and assured devastated Hillary supporters that the Democratic Party is “not going to turn this country over to what Donald Trump has sold.