President Donald Trump is changing his tactics. In a recent address to Congress, he seemed a lot nicer all of a sudden. He wasn’t yelling and calling people names and saying racist or sexist things. He calmly outlined his plans to improve Crime in the country, create new jobs, and invite in immigrant families on a merit-based system. Why is he being so nice all of a sudden, you may ask? Well, it’s simple. It’s because he has the worst approval rating of any new President in recorded US history.

Trump has taken a chill pill to get more people to like him

Trump seemed mellow as he delivered his somewhat more Presidential speech to Congress after having declared war on Islam, the free press, women, Democrats etc. for the entirety of his Presidency, which has only been in effect for just over a month, although it doesn’t seem that way. Finally, he’s acting in a formal and more traditional manner, appealing to reason and not scaring his beliefs into people’s minds.

Trump’s abysmal approval rating is considered somewhere in the ballpark of 38-50%, which is the lowest in recorded US history. Recent Presidents have tended to clock in at around 60-70%, so this is bad. Turns out slamming everybody who isn’t a straight, white Republican male isn’t the best of strategies after all. Who’d have thought?