During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump made many promises to Benjamin Netanyahu that he would improve Israel and their relationship with the United States, but now that he’s backing out of the settlement deal and trying to convince Israelites that it won’t help bring peace to the Middle East, here’s the other promises he might be backing out of.

Trump promises to be pro-Israel

Trump said, “I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel,” in December 2015, but now he’s proving that to be untrue. He started to back out in February 2016, when instead of stepping in to fix things, he promised to instead be “sort of a neutral guy.”

Israel is expecting unconditional financial and military support from Trump, as well as all the money they ask for to expand illegal settlements in occupied areas of Israel, and he may not be able to keep these promises. Many see Trump’s pro-Israel claims pre-election as a vain attempt to top his rival Hillary Clinton’s pro-Israel stance, when he had no intentions of fulfilling them.