While President Donald Trump is usually the one trolling people on Twitter, this time Hillary Clinton, his former rival in the Presidential election, is the one trolling him. After he unconstitutionally banned visa holders and other travellers with valid travel documents from entering the country from seven mostly Muslim nations, a federal judge overthrew him and had the ban lifted, and then Trump’s administration appealed the lifting of the ban and had their appeal rejected by the court of appeals.

Trump was mad as hell about this, going as far as blaming the court system for any imminent terrorist attack, and now Clinton has thrown some fuel on his rage fire for her own amusement.


Taking her own little victory after losing the election and dooming the world, Clinton tweeted “3-0” for democracy after Trump angrily tweeted in all caps, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” A lot of people mocked this tweet, and Clinton jumped on the bandwagon.

Clinton’s tweet is almost certainly a reference to the 3-0 vote by the court. She doesn’t even need words to take Trump down! She may be subtly hinting at the fact that the President does not have absolute power, and assuring her left-wing followers who were devastated by Trump’s victory that the judiciary and the balance of power will prevent Trump from doing all the terrible things he set out to do during his campaign.

Clinton’s tweet was polarising

Clinton’s tweet has been met with a polarising response, to say the least. Some have praised her for taking a sly dig at her former opponent, while others (Trump supporters) have pointed out that while this is a small loss for Trump, she has lost two Presidential elections in the past, so she can’t talk about losing votes.

Some examples of the divide in the opinion of Twitter users responding to Clinton’s “3-0” remark: one said, “MIC DROPPPP,” while another simply said, “Trump won, lol.” In response to Trump’s original “SEE YOU IN COURT” comment, webcomic artist Scott Kurtz tweeted, “Telling Judges “I’ll see you in court” is like telling Batman “I’ll see you in a dark alley.””