In the two weeks since President Donald Trump took office, fifty lawsuits have been filed against him, and dozens of them are about the executive order he signed banning travellers with visas from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States.

Justice Department filing motion against court ruling

The US Justice Department is filling a motion against the federal court ruling against Trump’s ban that is at least temporarily lifting it. The White House called the ruling “outrageous,” but then retracted their use of the word. When the order was signed a week ago, it created havoc in US airports.

According to the Seattle judge that is lifting it, Trump's travel ban goes against the Constitution, which is a controversial comment that could take this case up to the Supreme Court. The second the word “unconstitutional” is used in American politics, everyone loses their sh*t, so watch this space.

Bob Ferguson, the Attorney General for Washington, has also described Trump’s travel ban as unconstitutional. He told the BBC, “Folks who had visas, folks who were allowed to travel were denied that right without any due process whatsoever. That’s un-American and unconstitutional.” Ferguson elaborated by saying it violates the freedom of Religion rights allowed by the Constitution.