From Press Secretary Spicer’s multiple mistakes to Presidential adviser kellyanne conway breaking not just ethical rules, but the actual law right from the Brady Press Room, to his Republican supporters essentially telling a female Senator (Warren) to “shut up and sit down,” while male Senators read exactly the same letter without interruption, things aren’t going well.

Sean Spicer

Mr Spicer is holding down two full-time jobs at the Trump white house, both Press Secretary and Communications Director which must be exhausting since it is normally done by two people.

President Trump is apparently unhappy with his performance before the press during the daily briefings. Take that and add to it President Trump’s criticism of a Senator’s repetition of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch with everyone else including Gorsuch and his spokesperson as designated by the White House, today’s performance wasn’t surprising.

Mr Spicer rushed through his comments faster than even his usual breakneck speed making it look like he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

In fact, Spicer spoke so quickly that he was stumbling over his words. Many of his answers weren’t really answers to the questions he was asked. When pressed for clarification he would often either repeat the same answer or say “no one would deny” or “it’s obvious,” when the mere fact that the question was asked showed that lots of people were denying it or didn’t find it obvious.

When asked about Kellyanne Conway’s use of public time and government property to run a free clothing ad, all he would say was “She’s been counselled.” That is an answer essentially devoid of any meaning.

But the real problem came when he had to twist and turn trying verbal jujitsu to answer questions about the President Trump’s disrespect for Judges and his nominee for the Supreme Court’s (Judge Gorsuch) criticism without actually saying what everyone knew, that the President was totally wrong - more on that below.

Then Sean Spicer had to dance around the President’s complaint about Sen. McCain for saying the recent raid wasn't a complete success, exactly what Spicer himself had said two days earlier.

Kellyanne Conway - broke Federal law

In only the third week presidential advisor and spokesperson Conway has invented a new term, “alternative fact” (a.k.a.

lies). Cited a terrorist attack that never happened. Criticised the media for failing to report the attack, and finally broadcast a blatant commercial (her term) for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

That is a violation of a black letter law prohibiting any government employee while at work and/or on government property, from promoting a private product. There is no exception for the President’s daughter’s clothing line; it is just illegal. Conway even said she was giving a free commercial.

Neil Gorsuch

Yesterday Senator Blumenthal told reporters that Judge Gorsuch had commented on the Trump disrespect of the judiciary calling any such comments “disheartening and demoralising.” The statement has been called a likely choreographed move to separate him from Trump and make his confirmation easier since he explicitly gave permission to the Senator to repeat his comments and his White House handler also confirmed the statement.

POTUS apparently didn’t get the message because he has spent 20 hours railing against Sen. Blumenthal and saying Gorsuch meant no such thing.

President Trump never fought in the war either, going from student deferment to deferment and finally relying on "bad feet" for his exemption. POTUS then went after news coverage of the statement.

The President's tweet went online just seconds after the live CNN interview ended, showing he watches CNN despite constantly criticizing the network. Unfortunately for President Trump, Cuomo’s first question was about the Vietnam War, but it does show that Trump watches CNN all the time and he just doesn't seem to hear all of what he is watching.