Democrats are unhappy about Donald Trump’s victory, to say the least. They find comfort in evidence that Russia rigged the election and Hillary Clinton should’ve won, but there is also blatant evidence that Clinton rigged the primaries in her favour in order to secure the nomination over the arguably more popular Bernie Sanders, meaning that her name shouldn’t have even been on the ballot in the first place.

Hillary’s team rigged the Democratic primary

WikiLeaks revealed that Democratic Party leaders secretly preferred Clinton, and they ignored the primary votes, which would’ve made it fair, and instead nominated her before it even took place.

Sanders didn’t stand a chance. The voting process was all for show so that Sanders supporters would accept Hillary as their nominee. Sanders isn’t innocent, however, since he knew about all this and played along with it, probably because they were giving him a hefty payout.

When Hillary’s leaked emails came out, the Democrats distracted their supporters by attacking Trump, but the content of the emails (which despite initially denying it, the Democrats have admitted are genuine) is very telling. They show that debate questions were secretly leaked to Hillary before a primary debate so she could prepare herself better than her opponents.

The Democratic Party superdelegate system

That scary word “superdelegate” is essentially what George Orwell was describing when he wrote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It means some votes are more important than others.

If you’re a member of the public who watches debates and makes informed decisions, your opinion doesn’t matter nearly as much as the guy who gives a lot of money to the Democrats. These powerful benefactors and lobbyists pulling the strings spent a lot of money currying favour for Clinton, the evidence being that the second she got what she wanted with no more favours to sell, Clinton’s so-called charities mysteriously vanished.

Money manipulation

Rich Hillary Clinton and her rich Democratic Party bought her everything. They paid off their media friends for more exposure and promotion. They told Joe Biden he was too poor to run, giving Hillary one less opponent, and they sabotaged Martin O’Malley’s fundraising, which led to his raising pocket change for his campaign.

All this mafia-like intimidation gave Hillary an advantage worth millions, meanwhile publicly outspoken against the influence of money in politics.

Bending the law

Clinton’s methods were legally iffy. The email scandal technically should’ve been the end of Hillary’s Presidential candidacy, because it was proven she had broken the law. Since Obama was a big supporter of Hillary and wanted to see her get the nomination, his Justice Department cunningly took a really long time with the investigation until it was so far into the race that it was like, “Oh well, I guess we’re stuck with her now, criminal or not.”

During the scandal, the Democrats moaned about Clinton being “sabotaged,” but that sabotage was merely the truth coming to light.

This was an admission that their candidate could only win the election if incriminating facts about her were kept under wraps. Special exceptions were made in the law to allow Hillary the nomination, so it wasn’t legit.

The Democrats changing the electorate

The media were making fun of Trump during his campaign by saying he could only win if Ronald Reagan’s electorate was still in place, since his strategy was outdated and the electorate has since been upgraded for today’s PC America. However, this electorate allows certain immigrants to vote, and Hillary slyly used this in the debates by focusing heavily on immigration to secure their votes. Sanders would’ve had a higher percentage of votes if Clinton hadn’t given herself this sly boost.