Prime Minister Theresa May will not be making a compromise on the Article 50 bill with the Conservative MPs who she believes are conspiring to “wreck” the bill later this week by voting in unison for a bunch of amendments, although there’s not very much to amend since the whole thing is a little over 100 words.

May senses rebellion within her party

Like something out of “Star Wars,” May suspects a small band of rebels within her political party are pulling the strings to overthrow her bill and she won’t stand for it. May expects she will win the crunch vote, meaning she can finally trigger the EU leave, which she’s been itching to do ever since she stepped into office.

The rumour mill has it that up to 12 Conservative MPs are going to rebel against May when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the vote this week.

The supposed Tory rebels would be joining MPs from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP parties who are also taking action against May’s Article 50 bill and planning to vote in amendments that could prevent the bill’s smooth passage that May is so desperately hoping for.

So what are the “wrecking” amendments exactly?

The amendments the rebel MPs want to make that would “wreck” Darth May’s evil plans include a vote on the final Brexit deal before it officially goes through, ensured protection for EU citizens, and some other changes that pro-leave MPs are worried would limit May in her negotiations.

The Government is refusing to support any of the amendments as they are completely behind May’s pamphlet-sized bill in its original form. Also, Tory whips are not looking to convince any MPs of which way they should vote, as they don’t believe the amendments have enough backing to gain traction. A 380 MP majority vote ensured May victory in last week’s Article 50 vote, so she’s very hopeful this time.

However, if the amendments do get voted into the bill, May will be unable to carry out Brexit in the hell-for-leather way she has planned. The vote will take place on Wednesday.