There are times when you question your own reality. Often, the reason is because one hears or experiences things which are so appalling that it becomes almost disbelievable. The U.S. election results of 2016 was one such experience and the outcome more so, as Republican candidate Donald Trump is now the new President of the United States of America.It has been a long and tiring journey for us public. The U.S. election campaign is one of the longest running shows on TV which keeps the whole world hooked. One thing the results of the election will do now is test the patience of the U.S.


Slow start for Trump

Donald Trump against Hillary clinton started off as a no-brainer as nobody expected that a business man would be able to make a dent in the campaign of an experienced politician. As much as you hate to admit it, Trump hit the basic sentiments of people with his statements.

He talked about getting rid off illegal immigrants. He promised to get back jobs and deter drug intervention into the U.S. Be it by building walls and not providing any concrete policies regarding the same, he attacked the deep entrenched views of the majority of the Americans.

Where his opposition was talking about inclusivity and solving problems by coming together, Trump was routing for intense division between the people.

Instead of solving the problem Trump has chosen to block it by creating barriers, which although may work for a temporary while, but isolate U.S. from the rest of the world. On his comments regarding women, it was quite a shocker that he got votes from the female population. During the course of the campaign and especially in the presidential debates, Trump was seen to be on the back foot when questioned about his sexual assault allegations.

Although the time of many of the allegations bears questioning, but that created a doubt in many of the supporters.

Patience: The need of the hour

In a partisan election such as this, one small doubt is enough to win you swing states as the results declared. As we now enter a phase where Britain is looking towards Brexit and the US has an individual at the helm who is bent upon building walls, we need to rethink our world and how it might shape up in the coming years.

Are we better living isolated and within our own boundaries or can we tackle problems better if we are more inclusive?

Such questions will be answered in the near future. Although at this time things are looking bleak and hopeless but the future is still open to anyone’s guess. All we can do now is wait and see what unfolds. If we are impatient for results and try to form an outcome even before Trump takes office, then we are questioning the legitimacy of a democratic setup itself.