After months of anticipation and intense campaigning America has finally chosen her 45th president. The win of Republican candidate Donald Trump came as a surprise and shock to many mainly because of the nonsensical campaign that he ran. He managed to offend and hurt many Americans during his campaign. His antics clearly showed that he was not a fit candidate for president, but he is going to be the president for the next four years and the question remains whether he will be a fit president or not.

The Faulty Campaign:

Running and being in charge of any state demands a sense of responsibility, maturity, and patience.

During the campaign, Trump failed to show any of these qualities. He proved to be a sexist, racist, demagogue and a narcissist. He started his campaign by unleashing an attack on the Mexican immigrants calling them murderers and rapists. The next thing he did was to call for a ban on the Muslim community. He also questioned the rulings of a US-born judge. According to him, they were suspicious because of his Mexican heritage. America is a diverse country so the racist stance of Trump did not seem suitable for such a diverse country.

Mr. Trump was also called an unworthy candidate because he is also a sexist. There have been countless stories that were uncovered during the campaign, which showed him to be an alleged sexual predator.

During the campaign, there were sixteen different women who accused him of sexual assault. He has also proven to be a liar. He boasts that he had the farsightedness to oppose the Iraq war, but a video showed that when Howard Stern asked about his view of the war he did not oppose it.

During the campaign, Trump proved to be vindictive.

Whenever he did not like something he chooses to attack it, for example, the coverage of his campaign by the Washington Post. He did not like their coverage so he chose to bar them. Trump did not appreciate the lack of support from Ohio so he decided to sit his delegation in the cheap seats. He also sent his lawyers after his ex-ghostwriter because he did not like an interview that he gave.

His love for authoritarianism is shown by his praise for people like Saddam Hussein and Kim JongUn. All of these things do raise a question about the caliber and character of the man.

What is Next for America?

Trump promises to make America great again, but his views beg to differ. But does America need to be made great again? It is a diverse country and holds an IMPORTANT place in the world. It is already great because of its values of liberty and freedom and these are the values that Trump does not seem to agree with. Let’s hope that the reality of being in the White house will show him the unrealistic nature of his campaign promises. Making America great is not the goal that needs to be achieved as America is already great. The question is whether it will survive Trump’s presidency and come out of it without losing any of its distinct traits or not.