How Will This Impact Our Future?

A number of things are going to be affected by this election. Most of them won’t be immediately noticeable but they will still be present in our society. A massive shift in the way that Americans think and behave has occurred during this election and a lot of that is due to the fact that Hillary Clinton is technically a criminal. Once the information about her e-mails, and Bhengazi were made public, the small amount of trust that Americans placed in the Clinton family had diminished to almost nothing.

I’m not going to go into the details of those events, if you really want to know more about them and become well informed you can go HERE

The information currently known about Hillary Clinton is not good and does nothing to bolster the validity of her running the country.

Regardless of that, the end of the American Election is nothing short of shocking to everyone. A year ago, no one could have seen this moment as being the reality that we would live in.

The presence of multicultural society could come to an end after this. No one wants to live in a world where they have to fear for their lives simply for the fact they are different from the person in charge of the country. The majority of voters for Donald Trump have been very vocal about their disdain for not only people of color, but those of different religion as well. Hillary Clinton has long been a supporter of diversity in America. Some would argue that she simply says what is necessary to secure the vote and it’s hard to argue that fact.

However, it should be noted that Hillary has often flipped on issues depending on what state she was currently campaigning in and while that looks bad you should keep the following in mind. The Clinton family is well known for their support of LGBT rights as well as the rights of immigrants and countries in need.

This is Not The Time To Back Down

Despite this, a few mistakes on her record were apparently enough to destroy her chances of becoming the first female President. This says a lot more about the country's mentality towards women than it does about stance on actual issues. The true take away from this is that Hillary Clinton has been defeated by an openly racist white male with a tremendous amount of wealth and influence.

A second failed American Election means that her career in politics is more or less over. It would be incredibly difficult for her to return from a loss this devastating.

We may never know for certain how a Clinton presidency would have played out this time but that no longer matters. What everyone needs to focus on now is staying safe and doing their best to make sure that our home doesn’t turn into a cesspool of hatred, racism and open rejection of those in need.