The Results of The American Election Are Here

The American Election is coming to a close and in the early hours of the morning it was announced that America next President would be Donald Trump. A wide reaching sigh of exasperation could be heard far beyond American borders as the majority of the Liberal world prepared for what many believe to be the end of America and the free world.

No matter what your stance on the issue is at this point, one thing is clear. This is happening and the appropriate course of action is to behave like adult and accept it.

You don’t have to agree with Donald Trump any more than you agree with Hillary Clinton. A lot of bad things have occurred over the past year of this campaign and it is unlikely that these things will stop in the future.

However, in light of all of this it should be noted that when addressing the American public Donald Trump has done his best to reassure voters that he will be doing his best to turn the state of the country around. Take for instance some of the statements that were made last night.

At 3:10 AM when addressing the public in the wake of his victory, Donald Trump told the public this “I promise you I will not let you down.” This statement on its own is nothing concerning because nearly every candidate that has taken office has said the same thing, or at least some version of it.

I would never agree with the bigoted comments that were made by Trump and under no circumstances should anyone honestly. However, it should be noted that there was another man in history that behaved much the same way ad Donald Trump. Winston Churchill was, by all accounts a horrible man that that was often called sexist, racist and hateful.

Does that sound familiar? It should, because that’s exactly how people see Trump. People seem to forget this and that should be something that everyone remembers because without Winston Churchill’s temperament, the war would have turned out drastically different.

Looking Ahead

No one should ever take what a candidate says during the months leading up to the election as the truth, or an accurate depiction of who that person is.

Politicians will say literally anything they need to say in order to be seated in the White House. Donald Trump has always said that America needs to take back its jobs and take back its liberty’s. He was saying these things back when it didn’t matter what he said. A great deal of things that came from this man’s mouth may have been short sighted and downright foolish in reality but he had the right sentiment behind his words.

Trump is a man that is not willing to risk the security of his own country for the purpose of war profiteering and that is something that Hillary has been very much in favor of. The reason for this is most likely due to the fact that trump is already disgustingly rich, not to say that Hillary is in anyway impoverished, she simply isn’t on the same financial level as trump.

What happens over the next few months is going to decide the course of the rest of American history and in all honesty it should have been clear from the beginning what was going to happen yesterday. Hillary Clinton was already rejected by the public in the last American Election.

Stay tuned for another article focusing on Hillary Clinton coming later today. Most importantly, remember that this election decision is not the end for us, it’s simply a different path than most wanted.