The 2016 US election has been subject to criticism for both parties. On one side you have a business Tycoon,Donald Trump, with no Political experience who has been known to speak his mind, however controversial his ideas are. Trump has been branded a racist due to comments he made about Mexicans and Muslims. This is on top of the as recent tapes of Trump which suggest that he is a sexist with the comments from the tape. On the other hand you have Secretary Clinton who is in the middle of a email scandal, there has been tapes of high up Democratic representatives involved in creating violence at Trump rallies.

As well as the recent Wikileaks exposure where some of Clinton's emails have been leaked.


From a neutral point of view, it doesn't look good for either candidate. It seems that the loser will concededue to the controversy surrounding them rather than who has the best idea's to run the country. Both candidates should be fighting on foreign policy, the economy and other important aspects of how the country should move forward.

Trump has got into the position he's in by speaking his mind; a lot of Americans believe he will protect the American people as he is a "normal" Americanlike the rest of them -- but is he? Having said this, Trump's recent outburst, documented by the leaked clips, of him being sexist to the woman on the tape has made some of his supporters question their vote.

Many American's are now taking a step back and really considering if this guy is the best candidate to be running their country.

The question on everyone's lips is - can Trump handle the pressure's of being in the White House? Will he make terrible mistakes? Is he trustworthy around Nuclear weapons? Especially 0after the comments he made about Japan defending themselves with Nuclear weapons?

He wants deportation of illegal immigrates, most who are law abiding and work in the labour industry. He want's background checks on every Muslim that comes into the country, this shows that he views Muslims as second class citizens and displays his belief that the majority support Terrorism.


Clinton however has her own problems, she had succumbed to corruption allegations.

This has come around the investigation into thousand's of emails that she deleted. The 30,000 emails that were deleted were correspondence from her private family server instead of the official state department email's account. This has since shown that it is a violation of protocol in the state department. This could raise questions such as - Is Clinton someone you can trust to be President?

Another scandal in the Democratic party has been the leaked tapes - Important partyrepresentatives have been heard on tape creating violence at Trump rallies. People again will question Clinton about whether she knows about these organised riots to improve her performance. If she does, this creates evidence of hercorruption, which could cause a huge reaction and blow her race to become the first woman President.

The other problem Clinton has are the Wikileaks scandal, Wikileaks are releasing these emails daily on Clinton and will continue all the way up to November 8th election day - causing a massive problem for the Clinton camp.