Oh dear, what has happened to UKIP? Oh, for the old days of glory when the party could do no wrong members must be thinking.

Once upon a time, the party led by charismatic Nigel Farage was a party in the ascendency and seemed to connect to ordinary people. Most notably over leaving the EU and getting the vote of all those against immigration.

When 52% voted to leave pipping to the post all those who wanted to remain it was celebration night for Nige. His wildest dreams and those of his party had been achieved. It was after that the party started running into difficulty when Farage stepped down to be replaced by a series of short-lived leaders.

The worst being Henry Bolton along with his antics. Now latest incumbent Gerard Batten has taken up the leadership mantle of the beleaguered party. Will his leadership last long and will he be the last leader of UKIP?

Last night's local elections were an absolute disaster for the party and this could be the death knell of the party.

Paul Oakley on Radio 4

Paul Oakley who is a big shot in the ranks of UKIP compared UKIP's wipeout to the Black Death. The Black death exterminated 50 million people in the Middle Ages. However, after the Black Death Europe regained composure but will this happen to UKIP?

Does Nigel Farage even care that the party he led seems to be dying? For the time being Mr Farage is a Member of the European Parliament-MEP and will continue to be right up until we leave the EU.

What will he do when his job comes to an end as an MEP? Mr Farage has a show on Leading Britain's Conversation-LBC and still appears on Question Time so he will not be out of work. As for the other UKIP MEP's they too will have to seek other employment.

Former Deputy leader of UKIP Suzanne Evans has said if the party is finished it has still been a successful party.

Successful in the fact that the party influenced a huge swathe of the British public to vote out of the EU.

Where did the UKIP votes go?

Many UKIP operators when cold calling was reportedly told by potential voters that the party had done its job.

UKIP despite unveiling other policies in its political history always suffered from being a one issue party.

That issue being the raison d'etre of the party to get the UK out of the EU.

So during the local elections where did the UKIP vote go? Most probably the votes slipped away to the Tories as they seem to be the party where ex-UKIPPers would flee to. Daft as it sounds some UKIPers are reported to have gone to Labour.

Meanwhile, Corbyn and May didn't do too bad and the biggest surprise perhaps was the resurrection of the Lib-Dems.