Nigel Farage led a protest against the Government's Brexit transition deal by dumping dead fish into the Thames. He led a group of campaigners on a boat they called “HMS Brexit”, which many were hoping was a symbol of his British exit away from the isles for good. But the boat stopped outside of parliament and ceremonially dumped crates of dead haddock into the water.

In the true spirit of flogging a dead fish, Nigel Farage then posed for cameras to ensure maximum TV and media coverage.

Flogging the dead fish

The protest was against the transitional deal of Brexit.

Mr Farage, who has history of doing something on the Thames with fishing trawlers, has been a vocal opposition to the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and constantly tried to change things but he couldn’t quite manage to get himself to the EU fisheries committee meetings, which he was a member of, in fact, he only got himself to 1 out of 43. We must congratulate him on his dedication to the British fishing industry, that 1 meeting must have been a struggle.

However, Mr Farage is a keen advocate of flogging dead fish, as he always seems to make an appearance as soon as Brexit isn’t going the way he wants it to, ironically, much like the ‘remoaners’ he talks about. The protest itself has produced more confusion as I don’t think he understands what people protest about or why.