The media were quite happy to rubbish Jeremy Corbyn during the recent local elections. A BBC Poll had Labour drawing neck and neck with the Tories on 35 percent but polls can be fickle.

During the 2017 general election Labour was expected not to do well but on the contrary, the reverse occurred. Though Labour lost the 2017 general election technically they did better than expected and left the Tories hanging by a thread. The Tories had to cobble together a coalition government with the DUP with a £1,000,000 bribe to boot.

At the recent local elections many thought Labour should have done better failing to gain Wandsworth and Westminster.

However Labour did do well in London with their best performance for 32 years, in other words, a high number of seats.

Across the rest of the country, it was mixed fortunes but nevertheless, Labour is still a force to be reckoned with. Mr Corbyn and his team remain confident that they will be the next administration sometime in the future.

'Peak Corbyn' probably not

Despite Mr Corbyn being written off time and time again, it is as if the man is made of rubber he keeps bouncing back. Certainly, the Anti-Semitism, or the allegations thereof, haven't done Corbyn's Labour any good. Indeed, with areas with a high Jewish population, it could have cost Labour votes.

Mr Corbyn though and those surrounding him in the Shadow Cabinet have come through other storms.

So it is possible Mr Corbyn and his team will survive the Anti-Semitism accusations. Mr Corbyn has many enemies not only the Tories but the Blairite right of his party. His adversaries will be looking for excuses to bring him and his followers crashing down but so far nothing has stuck. Mr Corbyn appears to be the 'Teflon Politician'.

Certainly, if Mr Corbyn were to attain power he would take the country in a different direction. Some would see it as back to the past with left-wing policies of the 70's and 80's. That's as maybe, but perhaps the country does need a different direction from the austerity of May.

To some Mr Corbyn is a Saint but at the end of the day, he is only a man.

A good man yes but like any human being, he has his flaws.

The future

Will Jeremy Corbyn get to be the first far left politician to get into 10 Dowing Street for a good while? Is it even fair to call him 'far left' as he has probably moderated himself on some issues. A worry for many with Mr Corbyn is his stance on immigration and defence at least with Blairites.

One thing is for certain Mr Corbyn and Mr Trump would be quite cordial with each other despite policy differences. It is unlikely we would get dragged into overseas conflicts like Iraq although Mr Corbyn has said he is no pacifist.

The nuclear issue remains a thorny issue and what would happen on that remains to be seen. Some in Mr Corbyn's government would want to replace Trident others would not. Hopefully, when it came to austerity we would see that binned for a kinder, gentler group of policies.

Of course, this is just speculation but when has speculation ever hurt anyone.