What an embarrassing admission of defeat from the Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey. There he was, slating Jeremy corbyn's chances of retaining 200 of Labour's seats, only to quickly contradict himself by saying he believes the opinion polls may well be wrong.

But it is his initial thoughts that are most revealing about what those closest to Mr. Corbyn truly believe about his chances of winning this year's General Election. Let us not forget it was the Unite union under Mr. McCluskey's leadership which propelled the Labour leader into power, twice I might add.

As I argued in one of my previous articles, it is the unions' backing of Mr. Miliband and now Mr. Corbyn that has sowed the seeds of Labour's internal destruction. Yet the Unite general secretary is quick to turn on the Labour leader by dampening his chances of winning this year.

Considering Mr. Corbyn failed to sack Diane Abbott and Angela Rayner, and now John McDonnell, for failing to master their briefs prior to live interviews, you can expect Mr. McCluskey to get off lightly after yesterday's remarks; it appears the Labour leader can tolerate incompetence as much as terrorism. But he should not make the mistake of believing his allies will return that loyalty.

Mr. McCluskey is arguably the most powerful man in the Labour Party right now.

It is little wonder the mainstream media believe Labour is in the pockets of their 'union masters.' It is possible the Unite general secretary is already plotting to replace the Labour leader with Mr. McDonnell already following yesterday's comments. Politics is a dirty business.