History is repeating itself as a divorced American woman marries into The Royal Family once again. The newly named Duchess of Sussex has won over the people and brought about a fresh and positive look to the royals.

At the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018, Bishop Michael Curry summed up the couple perfectly when he said; 'There is power in love'. Both the Duke and Duchess smiled at this, and the millions of people around the world watching knew that both Harry and Meghan believed the same thing. There is little doubt that the newlyweds will be anything less than advocates for change.

Many people have made comparisons between the Duchess of Sussex and the late Princess Diana, who both show a caring and nurturing side to those around them, and those who are in need. Even before she married Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex was already involved in many charitable causes.

Continuing the work

Even as a young girl, Meghan Markle knew that her actions could impact the world around her. As a woman of mixed race, she was no stranger to the hate and unfairness in the world around her, but she refused to accept it. Years before she met Prince Harry, she was building a legacy of her own.

Some of her charitable endeavours included volunteering in soup kitchens, from the age of fifteen, advocating for women's rights and the need to vote.

She has also been involved in fighting for gender inequality and was a global ambassador for World Vision. She has already attended numerous royal events, alongside Prince Harry, the BBC reported.

The Duchess of Sussex may be a part of different issues than Princess Diana, but the end goal is the same for both. They want to leave the world in a better place than they found it, and to make positive changes, leaving behind them a legacy that will inspire others to continue their work.

Diana's legacy: The 'People's Princess'

Before her untimely death, Princess Diana worked hard to advocate for numerous charities. Perhaps one of her most notable moments was visiting those with HIV and Aids, where she held hands and sat with the patients. This was to disprove the notion that you could catch the disease simply by being with someone who had the disease.

Princess Diana became known as the 'People's Princess,' and she was loved by the nation. They watched as she broke the traditional mould of the royals, and showed that we are all the same. Princess Diana used her position of power to send positivity into the world, and the world responded with love.

The 'People's Princess' also made sure to pass her charitable legacy down to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Both princes have embraced their mother's desire to give back over the years. Though they have remained private people, in recent years they have opened up about their mother's death, as well as mental health.

Tradition to trending: Heads Together

The princes and Duchess of Cambridge began a charity called Heads Together which was a breaking of tradition for the Royal Family.

Before now, most of the 'Firm,' as they call themselves, were almost unrelatable to the average person. As part of their charity, they have opened up about their own struggles when dealing with bereavement and childhood trauma. The brothers admitted that they had rarely talked to each other about their mother's death, CBC News reported.

The charity also promotes conversation about mental health in all areas of life: Specifically, in schools and the military where feelings or mental health issues maybe be overlooked, ignored or kept secret. The princes bring a touch of youth and normality to the Royal Family, making them more relatable to millions of people around the world.

The Duchess of Sussex has found her place alongside the princes and Catherine, and they are sure to be a quartet to be reckoned with, as they each bring their own unique voices to a variety of current and future charitable endeavours.

She may not be our future queen but Meghan is sure to win hearts as a princess.

Neither the Duke or Duchess of Sussex have a history of sticking to tradition. But they have become one of the most popular royal couples, becoming a top topic of conversation on many news outlets. However, along with their new titles comes new responsibilities. Will they be able to continue their trend of breaking tradition?