Life is full of surprises. Luck, timing, and love conquer all. One day you are 15 and posing outside Buckingham Palace and 22 years later you marry the Prince in the palace.

It 's every girls' dream to become a Disney Princess, and Meghan Markle is now living the dream. Even better, actually. She's now the Duchess of Sussex after being married to Prince Harry. But this new title comes with a new set of rules to follow.

Here's a list of the things Markle "can't do" now that she said, "I do."

No Selfies

It is the Queen's personal preference that selfies are something that royals can't do.

The Queen finds it strange having cellphones aimed at her while she's walking towards the crowd. Matthew Barzun, a United States ambassador with whom the Queen confided, revealed this information to Tatler magazine (via The Telegraph).

It is expected that no selfies of Meghan will be available moving forward. The only selfies of her that we can have now are those of pre-Harry period.


You might have seen Princess Mia signing her name on a little girl's notepad from the classic Disney film, "Princess Diaries." As an actress, Markle also had her fair share of autographs. However, due to royal protocols prohibiting signing autographs, Markle is expected never to do this act that seems to be normal for celebrities.

Express explained that due to the risk of forgery, royals are prohibited from signing autographs.

Voting and politics

Eleven-year-old Meghan Markle was famous for fighting sexism and was featured on "Nick News." She is known for her stand regarding how women are treated and stereotyped in America. She definitely has grown into an opinionated woman.

However, since she is now part of the Royal Family, she is required to be cautious when it comes to voicing her opinions.

There are matters which she needs to avoid commenting about, including politics. Although the Queen is the only one explicitly prohibited from politics, the members of the royal family abide by the same policy.

Such information is available on the official website of the British Royal Family.

Bare legs

Pantyhose or stockings are a staple for the female royalties according to the Business Insider. Markle can still show off those gorgeous legs, however, she should always wear stockings.

Go to bed before the Queen

Although this is something that the late Diana had broken before, as revealed by Sir William Heseltine during an interview for the book, "The Royals in Australia," this royal protocol is one thing that Markle should not break if she wants to keep a good relationship with the Queen. Often, an hour or so of conversation during royal dinner is required, and during the said gathering everyone is expected to stay put and socialize until the Queen decides to hit the hay.

Solo travels

Express reported that even before the royal wedding, Markle was already issued royal protection officers as soon as she got engaged to Prince Harry. As you might expect, all current and prospective members of the royal family need ample security.

Acting career

Meghan Markle is known for her roles in TV series and movies, however, now that she's a royal, she is expected to give up her acting career. This decision is something that the Duchess doesn't regret. She does not see this as giving up anything. Rather, she sees this as a change, a new chapter. This life-changing decision was explained by Markle herself in an interview with BBC.

These are just some minor changes that Meghan will have in her life now that she's the Duchess of Sussex. For sure all of this is worth it as Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex now get to live happily ever after.