You cannot turn on your television these days or step outside without seeing someone with a beard. From politicians like Jeremy Corbyn to musicians, movie stars down to ordinary people sporting the hirsute look.

Beards have been found to be riddled with bugs and bacteria. According to a study, beards harbour more bugs and bacteria than clean-shaven skin.

On the other side of the coin, another study has found beards pose no threat. So to grow a beard or not "that is the question," to quote from Shakespeare. Which shows for every survey that found one result another survey will produce a counter argument.

Another scientific study undertaken by the University of New South Wales found that when people were shown images of bearded men repeatedly they became repulsed by them.

The same went for clean-shaven men which shows people grow heartedly tired of something forced on them.

Blame the Hipster

Are Hipsters responsible for the beard trend in men? Have you ever seen a Hipster without a beard? The usual fashion of a Hipster is a beard, glasses, short haircut, skinny jeans and a plaid shirt complete with a man bag. They like to appear cool listening to the latest bands and usually into organic food.

So obviously the question has to be asked - are all men sporting beards considered Hipsters? No doubt some with beards would consider themselves Hipsters. Others grow them think because they think its manly. Of course, there are others who think it makes them look distinguished.

The reason for why men grow beards are varied and down to personal choice.

Men have always grown beards and probably always will, whether you like them or not. Beards, according to the fashions of the times, have come and gone. Look back at any Victorian or Edwardian photos where many men sported full grown beards or to the Hippies still with us today in some form.

In the 80's and beyond where designer stubble is an option if you do not want a full face of hair. Anti-beard trends tend to be the Mod, Punk, Goth and New Romantic fashions.

Have we reached 'Peak Beard'?

Some writers have pointed out that that the beard trend should be disappearing now. But that does not seem to be the case right now as pointed out in this article.

Some columnists like Amanda Platell write about the end of the beard because they hate beards period.

Beards definitely do suit some men more than others, for example, men with grey scruffy beards please don't bother. They look like they have been spent a night sleeping outside. People like Richard Strawbridge from Channel 4's 'Escape to the Chateaux' are an example of this. Whereas David Beckham sporting a full growth of fuzz or just designer stubble is suited to this look.

Speaking personally I prefer myself to be cleanly shaven but that's me.