IT'S BACK! Movemberis back, it's that time of year where a vast majority of men shave off whatever facial hair they already have and start growing it again for the month of November!

Some people style them, some people just let them run wild and some even keep them after the month is done having grown emotionally attached to it (aww). Some women however don't like facial hair so despise it when their partners grow one or decide to take part in Movember, some however have an absolute love for beards and are so pleased the time of year has come back around!

But why does this happen? Why do these men suddenly decide to grow facial hair for this particular month, well, let me inform you on why!

The Movember meaning

This event takes place every year due to people supporting and raising money for a fair few different types of cancer! This is all done through the "Movember Foundation" which runs this particular yearly event and can be found over atMovember Foundation

The aim is to change the face of mens health and raise awareness for certain cancers such as prostate cancer. This is why men are very much encouraged to take part, as annual check ups are something men should have within regards to their prostate. The foundation also pushes men to become much more aware of their male family medical history for a lot of illnesses can become hereditary effectively therefore effecting you.

Movember: 2007

Events for Movember have been run every year since 2004 but have only been something which has happened in the UK for the past 9 years. People are much more aware of the month in general and a lot do look forward to it coming up! In November 2011, Ambassadors of the "Movember Foundation" included people such as Foster the People, Snoop Dog and Brody Jenner.

Since starting the Foundation has raised a total of $174 million worldwide after spreading to practically everywhere in the world, which is amazing! and in 2012 up to 1.1 million people signed up to participate for this event and raised up to total of $95 million!!

So Men, this is obviously aimed at you, get on the site and signing up to take part in such a wonderful and truly amazing cause!

All over Facebook tonight there have already been so many people having announced they are taking part in this months Movember and so should you!

Here's the link again:Movember Foundationand go go go!