Xinjiang is a remote province of China. It is home to the Uighurs a nomadic Muslim community in west China. In an effort to control the restive province, the Chinese have brought in laws to suppress the community. A recent executive order issued from Beijing by the Central Committee of the Communist Party has banned Muslims from keeping "abnormal beards" and Muslim women for wearing veils covering their face. What is an abnormal beard has not been specified but probably it means that nobody is to keep a beard that is long and free? Also, it is not clear what the ban on veils means.

Probably the ban is against the clothing which covers the face and body.

Uighur revolt

The Uighurs are up in arms against the central government and the majority Han population. They are demanding Independence from China and Communist rule. Earlier China had also banned the Muslim ritual of Ramadan and associated fasting.This was banned on grounds of health. The Chinese propagated that fasting was bad for children and women. The Uighurs are receiving support from a few Muslim Nations including Turkey and Iran but they are fighting a losing battle. The Chinese have crushed the opposition with an amazing display of military force. The Chinese army has also arrested Uighur nationalists and put them in jail.

The Chinese action has not been condemned by any Muslim Nation and one wonders what is the reason behind this.

Trump and China

China is a closed society and totalitarian state where even owning an airgun is banned. Despite this, the Uighurs have been carrying out the sporadic acts of violence against the Chinese Government. The Chinese action contrasts sharply with the USA, where even a Muslim travel ban has not been put into effect as it is stayed by the courts.

The battle lines are drawn and Xinjiang which is a landlocked province will find it difficult to break away from China. Even the United States cannot do anything for the Uighurs. Donald Trump has articulated about the danger of China in the South China sea, but he also is silent on the plight of the Uighurs. it will be interesting to see how the Chinese go about establishing their rule in Xinjiang