JEREMY COBRYN’s response to the Russia spy poisoning to Theresa May at the dispatch box has been attacked as much as possible because it has been deemed ‘weak’ and ‘political point scoring’. But with very little known of the surrounding motives, surely unequivocally blaming a nation state would be reckless? Of course not, you have to immediate place blame somewhere otherwise you aren’t strong, apparently.

The desire for strong evidence and the ability to publically show who is to blame is for weaklings. The criminal justice system would work far better if you could just lock people up because as Boris Johnson has put it “The Russians smirked when questioned, that Proves they are guilty”.

Corbyn’s OUTRAGEOUS response

Jeremy Corbyn asked the government to seek evidence legitimately through international treaties?! What is that ridiculous notion because the Iraq WMDs evidence was incredibly successful? Talking to Russia and the desire to work with them to come to a well thought-out and detailed conclusion is something a weak, anti-British communist would say! What is the point in funding a military when you can’t use them on a whim?

Theresa May on the other hand was incredibly strong and powerful, she stood up there with no evidence and just the testimony of one of those trustworthy former Soviet Spies and stated that Russia were responsible for the attack. Those brave heroes on the Labour benches, who immediately threw their support behind May afterwards and publicly condemned Corbyn, must be treated with the utmost respect for actively attempting to undermine him.

He seeks peace in this world but this is a dangerous precedence to allow to spread, otherwise how will the wealthiest be able to fund their lifestyle if there is a government that seeks to use diplomatic relations to solve international crisis’s rather than send in a few bombs and the military for geopolitical gain.