When Donald Trump leaves office he will be remembered for his practice of supporting, defending, ignoring and sympathizing with the men in his circle who are accused of vicious assault on their female partners, Sexual Misconduct and assaults including those involving underage girls. In the latest case, Trump has come under fire for praising his aide Rob Porter who recently resigned after his two former wives accused him of domestic abuse.

Blackened eyes - no problem

When photos surfaced of one of Porter's wives with blackened eyes, it was not enough for Donald Trump to scold his staff secretary.

He completely ignored the plight of the woman involved and praised the accused. The White House had denied knowledge of the domestic violence allegations against White House staff secretary Rob Porter until Wednesday when the accusations were made public. It was no secret that his history of abuse was well known and both ex-wives had reported the abuse to the FBI. According to reports including those from the abused women, Porter kicked, punched, choked, blackened eyes, insulted and berated these women. Their reports were supported by photos and other relevant documents and publications. Donald Trump heaped praise on the alleged abuser, sympathized with him and has not reached out to the women who complained.

Roy Moore - we need him in the Senate

Donald Trump totally ignored the desperate cries of multiple women who came forward to make allegations about Roy Moore's alleged sexual misconduct. He was the Republican Senate candidate and Donald Trump publicly supported him even though many in the Republican party withheld their support.

His reason for continuing to back Moore was because he totally denied it and said he didn't do it. He also made public pleas to voters to put him in the Senate as he was needed there. Allegations against the senator included a sexual assault on a 14-year-old and sexual encounters with teenage girls.

Corey Lewandoski - A loyal friend

During his 2016 election campaign, Trump found it necessary to defend Corey Lewandowski his campaign manager who was accused of battery. A 28-year-old reporter, Michelle Fields, said she was trying to interview Donald Trump when she got into an altercation with Lewandowski which left her with bruises. He was charged with battery but the charges were dropped for insufficient evidence. The president's classic response to the allegations was to ask, how does anyone know the bruises weren't there before? He also made it very clear that he had no intention of firing his 'loyal' campaign manager.

A questionable circle of friends

There is a long list of accused men whom the president has defended, who were part of his inner circle or were just friends.

Roger Ailes, a top Republican strategist was accused by multiple women of sexual harassments as chairman of Fox news. But as far as he was concerned, the alleged predator was a good person and a friend. He defended him and attacked the women who made the allegations, He said they were complaining and saying horrible things about someone who had helped them. Other friends of Trump facing allegations of abuses against women include Fox News host Bill O Riley, Donald Trump himself, Steve Bannon, Steve Wynn and Andy Pudzer.

Some men who were accused decades ago are also recipients of his support and sympathy. He defended Mike Tyson who was convicted on rape charges in the 1990's and when Bill Clinton faced several sexual misconduct allegations he called him the victim.