Now let me see if I understand this country's official response to the terror imposed on us by murdering Islamic terrorists.

We raise the terror level to critical, meaning another bloodthirsty attempt to massacre us is believed to be imminent. We draft in troops with guns but leave them guarding vulnerable facilities. We don't require all Police Officers to carry guns. We tell the public to remain calm yet vigilant. The mayor of London spouts more 'tut tut' about remaining united. Worst of all when we do catch these toxic murderers alive we treat them just the same way as we would have before they declared war on us and committed five successful terrorist offences this yea - killing and maiming dozens, including young children and police officers protecting us.

I feared that was the gist of it.

Mirth and opportunity for these loathsome people

How the terrorist roar with laughter and prepare ever more blood-curdling attacks with a feeling of impunity. The gloves must come off. The misguided priority of not upsetting people or sinking to be as bad as they are is being pedalled desperately by Liberals. However, it often damages the people they are trying to protect. An ordinary Muslim wants these people captured and properly punished as much as anyone else. The scum are making their lives harder and they are likely to be caught up in the consequences of radical slaughter. Additionally it is feeding the narrative that sensitivity to ordinary Muslims is protecting murdering scum from facing the full capability of the security and intelligence forces.

This reduces the sympathy towards them from many of the general population.

Introduce laws filled with real justice

We should not allow our hands to be tied. Now we are at level five, the maximum on the terror scale. In fact, way before this situation was reached, actions targeted at Islamic Jihadists and their sympathisers should have been announced.

Surveillance of those suspected of these terrorist crimes should be sweeping and override concerns about privacy. Two judges should look at evidence against all the people on MI5 watch lists. If they conclude that they are likely, on the balance of probability, to pose a threat they should be deported if they have a foreign or dual nationality.

They should be incarcerated if they don't (and it wouldn't hurt if we lost the key in the wild Tiger enclosure). Anyone leaving to fight in Syria or Iraq or on any spurious excuse that is most likely to be a cover for this activity should not be allowed back into the country.

Laws should be introduced where anyone found guilty of actually perpetrating or attempting to perpetrate terror crimes and anyone helping or colluding with them should face either life imprisonment with no chance of parole or execution. We are not going to persuade murdering scum like these to abandon their beliefs and no one will be safe when they are again free. The more mentally able of the two wretches who murdered Lee Rigby is already suing us for who knows what, paid for by we taxpayers.

He is will not be deterred by a Liberal chatting with him. His actions can only sensibly be met with execution. When fighting these people in their lairs or at the scenes of their outrages, our elite fighting troops should be allowed to do their duty. The aim should not be to administer a reasonable amount of force or concern themselves with the wellbeing of savages, but to overwhelm them, knowing they will be fully supported by everyone.

Make it difficult for these brutes at every turn

The lie that Europe will be safer if we are tolerant of murdering fanatics has been proven to be ridiculous. Just take a glance at the map above. Preventing religion-crazed murderers from entering Europe should be done at all costs.

The EU won't allow that and won't allow reasonable responses to catch these people or punish them properly when they are caught. These are among the many reasons that the majority of people from the UK voted to leave that craven organisation.

We have to stand up for our own lifestyle. It is supposed that we don't want our society to change - to become easier to enter and therefore we are ruthless in dealing with people. This is of hateful intent which is the lie the left want accepted so that their incoherent babble is allowed to continue without a shred of credibility. ISIS have been expecting this reaction for years and are continuing to make hay before it arrives.

The public know that fighting fire with fire and eliminating these people is the answer.

In Syria and Iraq ISIS are being destroyed. The gains have not come from talking or compromise but by the USA and Russia annihilating them. They have sent their murdering acolytes to the west now and they will only be defeated in the same resolute way.