For anyone who has even a passing interest in British politics, Jacob Rees-Mogg is a character increasingly noticeable on the UK political stage. Mannered and decidedly old school, he is almost a caricature of last three centuries, an Old-Tory; a breed that should have been consigned to the pages of history; but a growing political force nevertheless!


Very much so. Eaton educated, considerably wealthy in his own right. Vintage Bentleys in the yard and a man who seems to revel in the fact that he is not a hands-on father to his children, proudly proclaiming that he has never changed a nappy, leaving it to those whose job it is to do so!

His Parliamentary voting record reads rather dismally for the ordinary man in the street. He has always been on the side of wealth and privilege, with absolutely no understanding of how 99% of the population lives. He has voted against everything; from the NHS to the Bedroom Tax, from the Trade Unions to any attack on Bankers bonuses, a staunch ally of Brexit, he is an out and out anglophile who believes that Normans never came from France to conquer these shores - which of course they didn't!

New-Direction for the Party?

That is very doubtful. There is a distinct whiff of the 18th Century about him as if he were a character from the pages of Defoe or Fielding, and carries the air of old-money and inherited privilege that the Conservative party, in recent years have tended to shy away from.

If he ever became the leader, without the constraint of the combined EU, he would try to perhaps lead the Conservatives and ultimately ourselves, back to a parochial yesteryear, a time when Empire, duty and servitude of the masses were the order of the day. If the Labour Party needed to create a plasticine image of the perfect Tory, Jacob could be just that, but let us face it Mr Johnson and Mr Gove are not going to give him an easy ride either, even if they ultimately they wish to be a triumvirate of some idealised utopian freedom, in which the reunited and rejuvenated UK, once again takes its rightful place at the centre of the Worlds stage.

As to whether he will be good or bad for the future path of Conservative Party- that really is up to the voters to decide? It is an altogether different matter if he would be good for the Country? Much has changed since we were independent, making our own laws, decisions and future policy. Neither are we the flat-capped, whippet owning voters of old, knee-bending, know our place we want more - whether we get it is a different matter entirely?